POMO Waffle: Children’s Smartwatch Provides More Security and Independence

Smartwatches are available not only for the adults, but also the range for children is growing noticeably. The essential factor, which is important in intelligent watches for the shoots, is their own safety. The basic principle is always the same: Through a GPS transmitter integrated into the devices the worried parents can inquired in doubt the current location of their offspring. It is also possible to use a Smartwatch for children. The POMO Waffle, which is currently being financed on the Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, is quite similar in the truest sense of the word. With this model, the developers have gone a step further and have anchored additional functions.

Of course, the POMO Waffle Children Smartwatch has also been given a GPS transmitter and it is possible to conduct conversations. For this, a Nano SIM card can be inserted into the Wearable. In case of doubt, the parents only have to start a query and learn the location of the little ones. They may also mark certain areas which, in their opinion, are dangerous to the toboggan. If they enter one of these zones, the adults will get a message.


An SOS button is used by young people to help them quickly in case of danger. Of course, a child sometimes goes. If lost, the POMO waffle will navigate its small carrier home. In addition, group chats with the family and best friends are possible via the wrist.

However, the POMO manufacturer, founded in 2014, has not only thought about safety, but also wanted to provide the children with this Smartwatch more self-employment. Parents can create plans for their tobies what they should do when. The POMO Waffle then reminds her carriers. This will make them more self-sufficient over time. With pictures and symbols the sprouts learn to play. In the classroom, the children Smartwatch are held back, so that the attention is given to the teacher.

With the funding, POMO wants to collect additional money for the production of the device. Pre-order the children Smartwatch there for 99 US dollar, which corresponds well 90 euros. The first models will be delivered in March 2017.