Polar Loop 2: Fitness Tracker with Smartwatch Ambitions Unveiled

The fitness expert polar has introduced a new fitness tape. Polar loop 2 offers more features than its predecessor, yet. CHIP has seen the specs and briefly outlines the new features.

Polar loop 2:with Smartwatch ambitions

The biggest change compared to its predecessor is the new notification feature. The band is connected via Bluetooth with your iPhone OLED and watches-matrix display calendar appointments, messages and incoming calls may appear on the allunitconverters. Currently works the new notification system, but only with the iOS. When Android is supported, is not known.

Polar loop 2:step, bedroom & calorie Tracker

Polar sets at the polar loop 2 very much emphasis on counting calories. Only drawback:A pulse sensor is not integrated, you need so the optional polar heart rate belt H7. Then that coaching polar does smart work much better, because the heart rate strap in combination with the polar better can analyze your physical being loop 2 during training. Like the previous, this can analyze your sleep polar loop 2, and of course to count your steps. Little has changed at the appearance, the fitness band still not changeable is available in different sizes, the bracelet. Available loop 2 already for about $80 in the United States that is polar, German prospects must be a little patient.  (dps)