Pokémon Go Plus: Hidden Features of the Wearables

The new Wearable Pokémon Go Plus allows Pokémon Go to play Pokémon and PokéStops in Pokémon Go. If the Pokémon Go Plus is connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone or the app, the bracelet alerts the wearer via vibrations. Now, however, first owners have discovered additional, hidden features. Neither Nintendo nor Niantic Labs or The Pokémon Comlany point to the hidden features. Whoever has the wearable, however, should be heard.


Pokémon Go Plus can also detect the progress of breeding eggs and count steps. This allows the wearable to record the distances traveled and pass them on to the app “Pokémon Go”, even if the smartphone with the screen turned off in the pocket. Only GPS must remain on. Then the distances covered also count for the breeding process.

In addition, Pokémon Go Plus can capture the walks of Pokémon Buddies. The Pokémon Go Plus is released on 16 September and is currently only available in small numbers. The wearable connects via Bluetooth to smartphones and notifies players of “Pokémon Go” at PokéStops (blue light) and Pokédex from the Pokédex (green light) or new Pokémon (yellow light) nearby.

At the push of a button, you can catch Pokémon nearby or collect PokéStop Gooies. If the operation fails, this signals a red LED. The Wearable is mainly a practical extension of the augmented reality game “Pokémon Go”, but does not replace the access to the app, of course. In Germany the wearable costs about 40 euros. In the course of the year but also a “Pokémon Go” App for the Apple Watch Series 2 appear.