Pebble Time Steel: Autonomy Never Equaled

Pebble is little by little its place in the market of the smart watch. Far from competing with Apple or Samsung sales, Pebble watches have yet not to envy them. We tested for you the Pebble Time Steel, follow us!

Brand: Pebble
Category : shows connected
Connection : Bluetooth 4.0
Compatibility : Android and iOS
Price : 299,90 EUR
Availability : available
Tested with : Wiko Rainbow

Unboxing of the Pebble Time Steel

The packaging is simple and sober. The black box is closed by a transparent plastic cover that allows to look directly at the Pebble Time Steel 515 D. On the lid, the simple product name and the motion ‘Shows’ connected for Iphone or Android writings color gold. When opening the box, we quickly discover the Watch elegant design. But I’ll come back. Raise the watch and its base to discover the start guide, two Pebble brand stickers and warranty. And finally, all underneath a small package huge which contains the USB charging cable. The box actually looks like a regular watch box. Sense tell me.

Design and Ergonomics

Of good quality, the Pebble Time Steel has a sleek design. Sober, as her box, she has an ideal size. The cu braceletgray ir is comfortable to wear and you can adjust the size of your wrist. The screen is square. Neither too big nor too small, it allows an good reading of the watch without being too imposing. Around the screen, three buttons since no, the Pebble is not touch. The left is the power button and back. It will also allow you to enable or disable the ” mode peace”. To the right of the small screen: three buttons. In the workplace, access to the main menu and up and down to navigate or go directly to theCalendar. You also have the option in the settings to make the shortcuts with the up and down buttons for two other functions. Only need you to press a few seconds to access your shortcuts.


First step: press the button to the left to turn it on. The Pebble Time Steel then tells you to download on your smartphone application Pebble on Google Play for Android and the Apple Store for iOS. Then, simply download the applicaton Pebble Time and turn on the Bluetooth on your phone. Connect the app to your smart watch and go. Pebble Time app will allow you to set everything up. Ready to be used, your smart watch hands you the arm (or rather the wrist).

Pebble Time

When the application opens, you find the wallpaper that is already installed and the possibility to download others for free. As much as you want. There is something for all tastes and of all colors. Extra: you can get animated Fund and change every day if you like! On the next tab, the default configurations already installed: stopwatch calendar, weather, followed by physical activity, music, notifications, alarms, text messages, and even a timer. Easy to use and intuitive, Pebble Time is also pleasant to the eye. For notifications that you receive it is obviously based on what you have on your smartphone (emails, Facebook, Twitter, messages, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc). Not all receive them? Don’t panic, simply turn it off. And if you want more features for your Pebble Time Steel, the brand provides many applications additional free! For example, the Dashboard.


It is an application that you should download. Free, the Dashboard allows you to control the basic settings of your phone from your watch. Turn on or off WiFi, Bluetooth, to make your phone ring (for the heads up), the 3 G and the its. One more that will make your smart watch even more useful and convenient.

General Use of the Pebble Time Steel

You could tell you if it’s not touchscreen, is not as well as others. You would be wrong. The buttons are practical and very intuitive usage. A little pressure and the turn is played. The touchscreen is overrated, do not overdo! The features correspond to your expectations. The agenda is clear, the differentiable notifications and legible and clear and concise main menu. For the autonomy nothing wrong ! The Pebble Time Steel will accompany you 24/24 seven days without effort. Information that is worth his little thinking of gold. For the party followed sleep and physical activity , it is not extraordinary. But as it is not a watch destined to athletes, we ask no more. The music runs very well via the Watch: launch, change song, pause or stop, everything works perfectly.


If your watch is vibrating it is that you receive either a message or a notification. The most sensitive, you can set the vibrator on low, medium or high. Twitter, Facebook or texting all appears in the colors of the original application. So it is impossible to deceive you! By clicking on the top right you can either answer if it is a message to be open the notification on your phone. To answer, you can dictate your message, the microphone is at the bottom right of the screen, send an message pre recorded or only an emoji. You can of course change the pre recorded messages in the Pebble Time App. Even if the watch can make a few mistakes in transcribing your message, the function remains rather well designed.

Calendar and Alarms

The agenda is very convenient. Press the button at the top right to access your events of the day and the day before and the bottom for the Next button. Even if scrolling is extremely fluid, you will have no problem to read everything. On the side of the alarms, you can put one or more alarms which will be independent of your phone. And as on your smartphone, Select day and reminders. Believe me, they wake you up.

Android and iOS

The Pebble Time Steel is compatible with iOS and Android systems such as Apple Watches listed on TECHNOLOGY-WIKI. She did the same thing, but Android is still a step ahead. We can not turn off notifications that either permanently or just on a slot or a weekend with iPhones. You guess on Android is quite possible.

The Pebble Time Steel Competition

The Pebble Time Steel, version high range of the classic Time is one of the most interesting alternatives on the market, in the face of Android Wear and the Apple Watch. She recorded especially more autonomy on this type of connected to screen watch.

Reminder of the Features

The Pebble Time Steel allows to receive your messages, Facebook, Twitter, email and other social networking notifications. You can answer your messages directly with the phrases pre recorded or dictating your answer. The smartwatch also has its own alarm. Be sure to follow your physical activity and sleep through the Healthapp. Control your music or see your calendar just by looking at your wrist! You can add new features by downloading other apps Pebble.


The Pebble Time Steel is a nice to wear and usesmart watch. The ease of use of the watch and the application as well as the autonomy are its strong points. However, its price is a bit excessive! Indeed, the features remain simple and spend almost 300 euros for this is maybe a little exaggerated.


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