Pebble Smartwatch:App For E-Ink Watch Download

She was one of the great successes on the Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter: the idea to Pebble, a watch with E-Ink display, collected over $ 10 million from prior purchasers a year ago.

The catchy idea behind Pebble: Thanks to the display and a wireless connection with your Smartphone, the watch can beam theoretically many information from the Smartphone directly on the wrist, the Smartphone can linger in the Pocket during about a Texnachricht on the clock will be read.

Now not only the finished product is delivered, also the iOS app, thanks to the on the display of the watch, different content can be represented, is available for download.

The free app Pebble Smartwatch uses Bluetooth for wireless connection with the clock, currently it can send only different clock designs to the high-tech watch.  (mas)