Pebble OS 4.0 Is Approaching Fast Paced

Pebble is setting up its own operating system for Smartwatches soon as the company’s own Pebble OS 4.0 is on its way. Accordingly, the manufacturer now encourages developers to make their respective projects already for the leeks. Users can look forward to many small but fine improvements. The new Smartwatch Pebble 2 will be delivered directly to the Pebble OS 4.0 in just a few weeks. Before this, however, the already released PebbleTime is to receive the upgrade so that its owners are the first to benefit from the new operating system.


Pebble therefore recommends developers to keep their apps and watchfaces as of 31 August for the Pebble OS 4.0 fit. In the App Store Pebble wants to recognize the efforts of the developers in that fully compatible or optimized applications separately in the category “Optimized for 4.0” are highlighted. A change in the new operating system is that a separate launcher symbol can be used for watch interfaces and apps. This also brings a bit more visual variation for the users.

In addition, Pebble has made a great change in the display of the notifications on the dial: notifications should now no longer overlay the time, but appear almost under the display of time and date. This gives a much better overview. In addition, developers can include small previews in the app overview: for example, a runtime reveals more details when looking at a reminder.

As mentioned at the beginning, owners of a PebbleTime are given first access to the Pebble OS 4.0. wishes you lots of fun with the new features!