Pebble Confirms Takeover by Fitbit Quite Officially

What the sparrows have been whistling from the roofs for a short week is now quite official. Smartbit maker Pebble is taken over by Fitbit. On Wednesday, CEO Eric Migicovsky published a detailed statement on the company blog explaining the reasons behind the takeover. At the same time he describes how Pebble is going on and thanks for the support of all customers. The already announced new models Pebble Time 2 and Core appear in the consequence no more.


As already mentioned last Thursday in the course of the takeover rumors, Pebble has considerable economic problems, whereby the startup founded in 2012 can no longer act independently. As a result, the decision of Migicovsky and his team has been taken, that no new devices are available on the market.

This information is especially relevant for those who have kicked the Pebble Time 2 and the Pebble Core by crowd funding. At leastest built and delivered to the first pre-buyers was the Pebble Time 2. New orders the manufacturer accordingly accordingly off. The production of the Pebble Core has not yet begun. Every supporter, as the company insists, will receive his contribution back in the coming weeks.

In addition, Pebble declares that the warranty service for the Smartwatches will expire. Instead, there are answers to problems in the forum and on the established support page. Accessories such as wristbands or charging cables can still be purchased from third-party suppliers.

In the official statement of Migicovsky, the company also looks back on the development of the company and praises the innovative products that Pebble has launched. The idea of ​​the start-up “Making Awesome Happen” – great things to happen – will continue to live in Fitbit. For this reason, Pebble has also chosen the Fitness Wearable Giant as it is seen as a company, which has the same pleasure in the development of portable technologies.

About 40 percent of Pebble employees are to join Fitbit and bring their expertise in the field of smart watches. With this the Californians hope to secure shares in the market of intelligent watches and not to focus exclusively on fitness watches and bracelets. The hardware and the inventory of Pebble are also to be sold. Not confirmed is the message that the deal Fitbit has cost only 40 million US dollars – despite the financial imbalance of Pebble would be quite a bargain.