PATH Breath + FAT Band: Smart Duo Tells the Body Fat the Fight

And another message this Friday by the crowdfunding platform kickstarter. There, a fitness bracelet has already been successfully financed, which tells the user exactly how much he has to train to burn a certain amount of body fat. Strictly speaking, it is a duo, of which the bracelet is only one component. The second part is taken by a small device that analyzes the breath and precisely analyzes the metabolism, as it is known to vary from person to person.


The FAT band is, as a matter of course, a conventional fitness bracelet, which computes the steps of calculating burnt calories, analyzing sleep, and recording the activities of the wearer. An optical pulse meter has also been integrated, which always has the heart rate in view.

It is really exciting, however, with the PATH Breath. This is a small device, which at first glance looks like a USB stick. Behind this, however, is a gagdet for the analysis of the breath. The user only has to blow in there once a month for five minutes during sporting activities. Based on the oxygen and carbon dioxide values, PATH Breath can determine exactly how the metabolism of the individual works.

With this knowledge and in combination with the FAT band, the athlete learns exactly how long he has to train and with what intensity this should happen. This tells the iOS and Android compatible app. The user simply has to indicate the targets he has and how much body fat he wants to reduce in a defined period of time.

In this mode of operation, this kickstarter project obviously differs from normal fitness bracelets and watches, which only calculate with a special algorithm how many calories are rooted throughout the day. The resulting results may also deviate from reality. While with other trackers first you have to look for the calorie consumption and then the consumed food to be entered a separate app, the duo PATH Breath and FAT tape is superfluous. The user can, for example, be given the order to go jogging for half an hour to burn the dinner again.

The campaign is still running for more than 20 days. From July of next year PATH Breath and the FAT band will be available.