Parent + Baby SmartBand: First Tracker Presented for Freshly Baked Mothers

Smartwatches, fitness bracelets and sports watches are like sand on the sea, and even for children and seniors a wide range of intelligent watches is now available. Two US-American companies have discovered a market gap and have developed a product that is not yet available: a fitness bracelet specifically for freshly baked mothers. The sporty aspect is, however, the rather small part of the rich functionality that this tracker can offer. Rather, it is to be made easier for the mothers in their everyday life with their new-born sprout – health also plays an important role.

Responsible for the design of this fitness wristband for freshly baked moms are Project Nursery and VOXX Accessories Corporation. The first company is an online community, which deals with almost all topics related to parents and their offspring. VOXX Accessories Corporation has been responsible for the technical implementation, with one of the leading experts in the field of entertainment electronics being brought into the US market.


But what makes the fitness bracelet so special? It is able to record the typical activities of an expectant mother such as breastfeeding, changing diapers, feeding with the bottle and taking important medications before and after birth. Data such as the weight of the child, his meals taken, his movement and his sleep can be stored as well. In addition, it is possible to set various alarms during the day to keep reminders of important appointments and errands. Regular motivations are supposed to conjure up the mother’s smile despite the stressful first weeks.

Important advances of the little one can save the bracelet as a historical event and analyze it in the form of graphics and logs. These can then be viewed by general practitioners and pediatricians to get an impression of the development of the baby. As fitness bracelet the Parent + Baby Smart Volume is good also because it retains the activity and health of the mother in the eye. The tracker registers, among other things, the time in motion, the steps taken and the burnt calories. Of course, the quality of sleep is also included.

This special fitness bracelet is resistant to perspiration and splash water and white with a long recharge time of up to 30 days to impress. It has a touch screen and is also characterized by continuous notification functions in conjunction with the smartphone. It supports iOS and Android alike. On the US market, the tracker will come in February 2017 and will cost $ 149.99, which is just under 140 euros. For a sale in Europe is still not known according to the current state.