New Watches from the SIHH Discover and Profit

Special Event From Chronos And WATCH MAGAZINE To The Geneva Watchmaking What new models will be presented at the Geneva Watchmaking Hall SIHH 2017, what technical innovations have the brands for 2017 developed? The editors of Chronos and WATCH MAGAZINE are there to see the news with their own eyes and to compile them for the next • Read More »

The 6 Most Exciting Black Watches of the Sihh

Audemars Piguet, Montblanc, Panerai & Co. Wear Black In Black At The Geneva Watch Salon Black is back – but it was never the right way. After the color blue of the black success story had a little bit the rank, the non-color again brings up clearly. Black is absolutely hip and belongs in 2017 necessarily to • Read More »

Smartwatch: Save battery – 5 Smart Tips

With the current Smartwatches, the weak battery is the most vulnerable. With these battery saving tips, you can still significantly extend the runtime. Even if you take only some of the factors into account, you notice a significant increase in maturity.

ASUS Launches Smart Watch with Curved Screen

ZenWatch has Android Wear and setting similar to other recently announced watches In a press conference held on Wednesday (3) in 2014 IFA , Europe’s biggest technology fair, Asus has announced its new products in the coming months. The highlight is with the ZenWatch, the company’s first smart watch. The product is priced at 199 • Read More »

Gifts for Valentine’s Day

This year too, February is dominated by romanticism, because Valentine’s Day is about the most beautiful thing in the world: love! For many, it is a wonderful occasion to reveal to the dearest all his love. Flowers, especially red roses, are, of course, the first place in the gift ideas.

Huawei Watch 2

BARCELONA, Spain, February 2017 28/PRNewswire/— the Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) defined a new category of wearable technology with the HUAWEI WATCH 2. From developments and results of your most recent searches, Huawei, innovator in technology, created the watch combines the connectivity of a smartphone, applications of intelligent life a smartwatch clock premium and training • Read More »

LG Wristwatches

Although there is still some suspicion about smart watches, the truth is that this is a product with more and more followers. LG is one of the brands that bet more in this segment, having even been the first to put an Android Wear in the market.Now his latest model stands out above all for its classic design , • Read More »

How to Disassemble a Watch

Introduction Learn the art of horology is certainly not an easy job, but not impossible. In fact, you can start with small steps to fix watches and even build your own if you have the time and desire to do so. In particular, in this guide we will see together how to extract still by • Read More »

Olio Smartwatch Review

Only proprietary hardware and software: It is not surprising that other companies on the wearable train want to jump with the impending release of the Apple Watch. The company Olio from San Francisco stands out but from the competition, because it has developed hardware and software completely even for his first Smartwatch for years.

Amazing Smartwatch: Samsung Gear S2

Of the Best Screens We’ve Seen on a Smartwatch If there is something like a smartwatch is a bright screen and you can easily see at any time. The Samsung S2 Gear already featured one of the best AMOLED screens on the market, but in Gear S3 this has improved, while remaining as the King • Read More »

LG Watch Urbane General Features

The world of smart watches is still in a developmental phase. After the huge boom in equipment launched last year, boosted by the launch of Android Wear, it seems the brands are more restrained and considerate of what they put on the market. Autumn is approaching and certainly other news will appear, but the truth is that there has • Read More »

About Apple Electronics

Apple, who knows? It is virtually impossible to find anyone on planet Earth who has never heard of this company in Cupertino, California. Created by two Steve or Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 literally in the garage of Jobs ‘parents’ House, Apple had a vibrant and tumultuous history in response to anything but • Read More »

Smartwatch highlights IFA 2015

Indirectly this year’s IFA fair numerous technology portals called Smartwatch. We’ve looked at 2015 highlights of the IFA and wouldn’t want to depriveyou you. Here we enter aware only on the Smartwatch highlights.

Elegant Samsung Gear S2

One of the most electronic devices that has drawn attention in recent times are the smart watches, smarwatches as they say in slang. Not only as a fashion accessory, which we use as the classic watches to match a particular style, but joining this aspect the technological factor that allows you to facilitate our everyday • Read More »

LG Android Wear

Android Wear Operating systems dedicated to smart clocks are in a phase that can be considered in development, there is still much to explore in this world. In this particular case, we have the latest updated version of Android Wear, compatible with all Android devices with versions higher than or equal to 4.3 Jelly Bean, • Read More »

Ladies Wearing Watches

When you say that the clock is the “male”, or even “the only jewel” that a man can wear, it certainly goes beyond a simple truism, at least for our time and for our culture. It is undeniable that the great contemporary watchmaking-especially that of high technical content – is especially designed to the male • Read More »