The 5 Most Complicated Diving Watches

Diver watches are robust to counteract the water pressure. Rarely are they endowed with complications. Whoever appreciates and collects waterproof watches and complications finds in this review the best combinations of both worlds. We introduce you to five diving watches from IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Breguet, Blancpain and Richard Mille, which have special complications.

8 World Premiere of the Geneva Watchmaker SIHH

From The Lightest Chronograph To The Blackest Material In The World The world has not yet seen this, at least the world of watches. At the Geneva Watchmaking Fair in 2017, there was a regular firework of never seen what concerns materials, surface treatments or the maintenance-free.

The 5 Best Reasons for Watch Magazine

In The Test: Rolex, Patek Philippe And IWC The current WATCH MAGAZINE 2/2017 is now available at the kiosk and can be downloaded here. Among other things, the editorial team succeeded in obtaining the exclusive world-wide chronograph from Patek Philippe in Germany for an exclusive review. Here are five reasons why you should not miss the book:

How and Where Do I Sell My Watch Online?

Occasionally the watch carrier is gripping the desire for fresh wind in his collection. Anyone wishing to separate from a used piece in favor of a new watch has more than one possibility for a sale. The WATCH MAGAZINE has tested and compared four sales platforms. If you have a specific sales request, you can use the infographic • Read More »

Patek Philippe: on a Visit to the Factory and Museum

Third And Final Day Of Watches Magazine Readers Travel Who want to use the chance to visit Patek Philippe, who must get up early. At 7:15, our bus was renovated on the doorstep, to bring the participants of the watches magazine readers travel Switzerland 2017 on time according to Plan-les-Ouates. The Geneva suburb is Produktionssstandort of many luxury • Read More »

Dubey & Schaldenbrand Gran Chrono Astro Review

She did in La Lime-of-Funds-based manufacture Dubey and Schaldenbrand carefully in the past especially by noble chronograph. Also the Dubey and Schaldenbrand Grand Dome DT Rose Gold features this complication and is also equipped with a moon phase display and a date display. The case of the timepiece is decorated in the classic tonneau-shaped, following the legendary Astro • Read More »

Test Galaxy Gear: How Good Is Samsung’s Smartwatch the?

Is Smartwatches a real big trend? The mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony to hope to be able to establish themselves in a new field? Whether and how Smartwatches will prevail, is still hard to say. What we can say but: the Samsung Galaxy gear is an expensive gimmick that is worthwhile only • Read More »

The 3 Best Reasons for the Watch – Magazin Special Edition

The Innovations Of The Baselworld 2017 And Exciting Reviews The WATCH-MAGAZINE Special Edition Basel / Test will be ready for the opening of the Baselworld 2017 starting March 24th at the kiosk. It offers on 116 pages an overview of all important innovations of the Baselworld 2017 and additionally a selection of the best and most exciting reviews • Read More »

Apple Watch Review: Initial Tests Show Problems of the Smartwatch

Long app loading times, short battery life, complicated and expensive – so is the conclusion of the first tests of the Apple Watch around the globe. This is a serious judgment for a prestige product like the Apple clock, the first product of the company, which was created after the death of Steve Jobs. But • Read More »

Samsung Gear 2 vs. Pebble Comparison

Samsung has already launched the second Smartwatch with the Gear 2. Pebble, on the other hand, is a small Crowdfunding project. You can find out how the smart watches are ticking in the direct comparison.

Alexander Shorokhoff Regulator R01

Alexander who? is the one or the other readers of this article might think. Alexander Shorokhoff brand is actually on the market for at least 13 years and the quality of the watches has a very good reputation among connoisseurs.

Deaf Blind Teenager Makes the Smartwatch Test

The 20-year old British woman Molly Watts gives us the possibility of the Apple Watch quite different to experience – because Molly is suffering from the usher syndrome and can therefore hardly see and hear.

Tudor: Heritage Black Bay S & G

Bicolor And Date Display For The First Time In The Black Bay Family The Heritage Black Bay has long since reached cult status among the fans of Tudor. On the occasion of the Baselworld 2017 the Rolex sister broadens her line for the first time with the Heritage Black Bay S & G around a model in two-color dress with date • Read More »

Lifestyle Sunday #116

Welcome in September… the ninth month of the year is already there. With him nothing but beautiful things that have happened to me this week. As always, I have put this together in one article, the Lifestyle Sunday and present everything in one place. Have fun with it!

Pebble Steel: E Ink Smartwatch for Iphone and Android

Conclusion: The Pebble Steel for around 200 euros has the best battery of all tested Smartwatches and is suitable for swimming. In addition, the watch combines with Android phones and iPhones. The E-Ink display will however not the possibilities of a touch screen.