OURA Ring Is Well on the Way to Popular Wearable

The market for smartwatches and fitness bracelets and fitness watches is growing continuously, and hardly a day has passed since no new device has been released. This makes it all the more difficult for manufacturers to stand out from the crowd with their products. Especially as far as the fitness bracelets are concerned, many models differ at least from the functional range. The Finnish Startup ŌURA already recognized this last year and presented a ring instead. This was successfully funded on kickstarter by crowdfunding. While the wearable has not yet reached any real recognition, this could soon change.

The reason for this assumption is that the ŌURA ring was subsidized by investors with a total of five million euros. This means nothing more stands in the way of a mass production of this smart wearables. This product was awarded the “Best of Innovation” award at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). After the successful crowd funding financing, ŌURA can already announce customers in a total of 50 countries – probably more will soon be added.


The ŌURA ring, which can also be perceived as a fashionable accessory, has gotten a whole range of skills missed. His main task is to demonstrate to his wearer or wearer how to be influenced by the lifestyle of the body as well as the sleep. This gives the ring tips, which can be done better, in order to increase the performance. In addition, the wearable is also able to determine the movements, the body temperature and even the pulse.

Using the data, the ŌURA ring calculates the respiratory rate and at night it records sleep. The wearable is to be worn 24 hours a day, which is probably less disturbing than a bracelet or a watch. By accompanying his owner around the clock, he is able to say whether the duration of sleep was sufficient to recover from the stress. The battery manages to manage three days without a charge. The ŌURA ring is given new energy by placing it in a case. After less than an hour, it is again 100%.

Through the new investments, the fashionable wearable should soon be the way to the mainstream and above all more gaining popularity.