Our site Presents a Range of New Fitness Wearables at the IFA

The Dutch manufacturer our site, which is mainly known for its navigation systems, presented seven new products at this year’s IFA on Thursday. In addition to innovations such as the world’s first navigation system for motor scooters, our editors were also able to take a look at four brand new fitness wearables.


With the our site touch the company was able to demonstrate a particularly innovative fitness bracelet, which is able to detect the body composition of the user in the form of muscle mass and percentage body fat content with a single touch of a button. Until now, this was only possible with the help of special scales or expensive analysis methods. Here, Our site makes this possible also for broad sport.

In addition, the typical basic functions such as a step counter, the calculation of the calorie consumption and the monitoring of the sleep on the our site touch can be found again. In addition there is a heart rate measurement. The recharge time is up to five days. The our site Touch can already be pre-ordered on the manufacturer’s website and will be released in October. The price is 149 euros.

With the our site Spark 3 and the Our site Runner 3 Send the Dutch also two GPS sport watches the race. These are waterproof and recognize various activities such as swimming, running, cycling and also exercising in the gym. A GPS module allows you to discover new routes and can return the user to its starting point in an unknown environment. Our site would like to encourage athletes to take more outdoor activities and motivate them to try new tracks.

The special functions are complemented by a music player. Up to 500 music tracks can be stored and played back on the our site Spark 3 and the Our site Runner 3 without the smartphone having to be part of the workout.

In the end, the standard functions, starting with the step counter over the caloric tracker up to sleep monitoring, can not be missing. The price for the two devices is 249 euros.

Fourth Wearable was us Our site Adventurer presented. This is a GPS Outdoor Sports Watch designed for all kinds of sports. These include skiing, trail running, snowboarding and hiking. As the product description suggests, the Fitness Wearable is also designed for adventure in nature. A compass, a barometer and a GPS module with route function underline this demand.

Here in the first place, winter sportsmen are to be addressed. Departures are registered automatically by the our site Adventurer, a lift detection has been integrated and the device also provides information such as the speed, the altitude, the descent and the gradient.

Other sports such as running, fitness training, swimming and cycling are also supported here. The integrated music player can also be found here. Like the other our site novelties, the Adventurer also comes in October. Cost point here: 299 euros.