Oculus Connect: Touch-Controller Presented and New VR Headset “Santa Cruz” Announced

Thirdly, Oculus’s in-house conference, Oculus Connect, took place in the Californian city of San José. Since Oculus VR is now a Facebook subsidiary, Mark Zuckerberg was also there and he had several good news in the bag: Oculus fans can look forward to the long awaited Oculus touch controller, which will be released in December. The controllers are designed to significantly improve the playing experience in virtual reality, for example by a new tracking sensor. In addition, a new VR project with the name “Santa Cruz” was presented.

The controllers will be pre-orderable in Germany from the 10th of October, the dispatch will start on the 6th of December. Fans have to set themselves at a priceless price of 199 euros, the games “VR Sports Challenge” and “The Unspoken” are available for free. For the perfect “room scaling” experience an additional tracking camera can be ordered. Furthermore, it was announced that about 30 new game titles will be available on time for the release of the controllers.


“Santa Cruz” is a new stand-alone headset that can be moved between a high-end device, such as the Oculus Rift with powerful PC, and a mobile VR headset, such as Samsung’s Gear VR . The further special feature of this is that “Santa Cruz” is to make so-called “inside-out tracking” possible. No external cameras are required for tracking. Instead, they are attached directly to the wireless headset. So you could also move through the real space without running on walls. At the same time, real movements are transmitted to the virtual world.

Only a few details about the new project were known. However, Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus VR, is to ensure that the team is working hard on it. The stand-alone headset is the next big product category and they will invest a lot of energy into it.