Octopus: Children Smartwatch Fully Financed

The startup JOY from San Francisco wants with the Octopus to accompany children between three and eight years in everyday life and educate early for independence. Parents can create using the appropriate app schedules and set, for example, fixed times for the brushing. The child is then remembered and can confirm a button what is displayed on the paired Smartphone. It does not find a GPS chip but on board, because JOY has decided because of radiation emissions and any carrier costs, however.

For children, the Octopus is designed not only for this reason, because it comes in brightly colored paints and waterproof. A special feature is the software, because the surface almost completely dispenses with writing and represents information largely by means of icons, of which up to 600 different are stored.

Prices and availability

The cheapest option is of course already out of print, but is you still have the chance to snag a watch for 59 dollars. The startup for March 2017 is the first deliveries. The Octopus companion, which will serve as a charger and Nightlight is also available.

What do you think of such children Smartwatches? I think the intention behind it, is not so wrong to want independence talk to children at a young age. Not only since yesterday is the negligible or if, then strictly through leisure by schoolchildren in conversation, where as a daily planner would only again add fuel to the fire.