Nosulus Rift: Curioses Wearable Simulates the Smell of Farts

On December 6, the game “South Park: the rectal tearing test” will be released in Germany for the PC, the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One. At the just ending Gamescom the publisher Ubisoft showed a quite curious Wearable to the play: the Nosulus Rift. The name, of course, is reminiscent of the Oculus Rift. In contrast to said VR glasses, however, the Nosulus Rift does not surround the wearer with audiovisual, virtual-reality content, but instead creates odors. To match the snooty game, you should sniff artificial farts with the aid of the Nosulus Rift.


What sounds like a pure marketing gag, actually exists. At the Gamescom in Cologne you could practically test the Nosulus Rift. In trade, however, the wearable is not expected to buy. Rather, Ubisoft reserves the Nosulus Rift for selected events where the game “South Park: the rectal rupture test” and the Nosulus Rift are presented.

Since the farting around Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Co. plays an essential role for the gameplay, it seemed obvious for Ubisoft to wear a wearable around this gameplay mechanics. Whenever a character farts in the game, the Nosulus Rift gives off corresponding odors. The idea has a lot of curiosity, but it shows that wearables are also capable of unusual concepts.

The video for the Nosulus Rift, of course, should not be taken too seriously, but the parody character of the nasal tower is the focus. It is difficult to say whether the Wearable will end up in a limited edition at the end, even if “South Park: The Rectangular Rupture Test” appears.

“South Park: The Rectangular Tear Test” is currently available on as a standard, gold, steelbook or collector’s edition.