New Collection of Watches Seiko 2014 of IWC Schaffhausen in Tribute to Cousteau

In 1971, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, better known as “the lawyer of the seas”, he organized an expedition to the Galapagos Islands in order to make your film, “Dragons of the Galapagos”.

IWC Schaffhausen presents the new collection Aquatimer 2014 in tribute to Cousteau and his great scientific work in which we discover, not only beautiful drawings of the marine iguanas under the water, but the entire universe that surrounds this species, in a documentary unparalleled.

IWC Schaffhausen dedicated Aquatimer chronograph Edition «Jacques-Yves Cousteau Expedition» to this instructive research trip. Designed to be used at extreme depths. It highlights its luminescent layer Super Luminova and the system Safe Dive, to avoid mismatches. In addition, to avoid confusion, needles and indexes are of different color.

The Aquatimer “Cousteau” is easily recognizable by its Blue Dial stainless steel It is equipped you, as to all the new watches of IWC’s current collection, with the system of exterior-Interior rotating bezel. The only interior rotating bezel can be turned in the counterclockwise. This ensures that, even in the case of a mismatch of the bezel by inadvertence, it can not exceed the time without stops, i.e., the time in which you can climb safely to the surface without decompression stop.


Movement of mechanical chronograph
Rotating bezel with outer-inner mechanical system SafeDive of IWC indication of the date and day of the week, hours, minutes and seconds stop function small seconds with stop deviceLuminescent elements in the needles, the sphere and the inner rotating bezel screw-down Crown print at the bottom of the belt or the cuff of IWC quick-change system

Beautiful model and a great tribute to the best-known scientific marine, Aquatimer chronograph Edition «Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau» IWC Schaffhausen.