Neebo: This Wearable Could Finally Replace the Babyfon

The wearable market is looking for more and more target groups for which novel devices could be offered. It is no longer only (hobby) sportsmen that are the focus of the manufacturers. Even pet owners, people with certain diseases or parents of small children is to be facilitated by new smart devices of everyday life. The last-named target group will be the soon-to-be-named device named Neebo.

Neebo is a wearable for infants that measures and transmits the physical activities of the child in real time. Among the measured body functions besides the pulse also the respiration, the oxygen saturation in the blood as well as the body temperature. This way, worried parents can always check on their smartphone via the paired app, if it is good for their protege. Likewise, the tracker can issue warnings when the bait data appears suspicious with respect to certain diseases.


The egg-shaped tracker, which is fastened to a flexible plastic bracelet, is said to be completely safe and can also withstand small bite and tear attacks. For children up to 24 months, Neebo should be suitable as tracker. Adapted to the age of the children, the tracker can also play a series of sleepers, stories or soothing sounds, which can be controlled by the smartphone app.

As early as 2017, the Czech wearable will appear and cost under 200 euros. Later the price will rise. Another reason to hurry is the fact that Neebo is to be limited to 2000 devices.


Neebo a Tracking Wearable For Your Baby

Neebo a Tracking Wearable For Your Baby