MyKronoz ZeFit3: New Fitness Bracelet Available Now

The Swiss company MyKronoz is known to regularly launch new wearables in the form of smartwatches and fitness bracelets. The products know to be convinced by a slim, contemporary design and a very low weight. Now with the MyKronoz ZeFit 3 a new tracker – or better, there are two. Similar to the first generation of the Fitbit Charge, there is a bracelet with a heart rate measurement and a more favorable variant, which does not include this function. The MyKronoz ZeFit 3 and the ZeFit 3 HR are now available.

MyKronoz sends a successor for the ZeFit 2 with these two models. Also with this predecessor there was a variant with and one without the said optical pulse meter – instead of “HR” this was marked “Pulse”. But enough to the last generation. The MyKronoz ZeFit 3 impresses once again with a light weight of 20 grams. Once you’ve got used to the little tracker on the wrist, you’ll hardly notice it after a short time. The color display resolves with 160 x 64 pixels and provides an overview of all important performance data. It is operated as usual by finger touch.


The functions relating to that is MyKronoz ZeFit 3 Fitness bracelet set quite wide. Of course, the basics do it by recording the steps and the distance traveled over the day and calculating the calorie quantity. If you would like to have this exact value determined by your digital assistant, you should go back to the variant with the optical pulse meter. By continually adding the heart rate as a reference value, fitness tracker provide even more meaningful results than without this characteristic. In addition, the MyKronoz ZeFit 3 also makes its wearer legs when he has sat for a long time and was accordingly inactive. This is quite discreet with a vibration alarm.

This is also used to point out when something happens on the smartphone connected via Bluetooth 4.0 connection. The new fitness bracelet includes a case calls, SMS, emails and news and information from all social networks. Everyone knows it: Every now and then the mobile phone is swallowed as if from the ground. The tracker can also help. On request, it triggers an acoustic signal on the mobile phone, so that a long search is spared. In addition, the MyKronoz ZeFit 3 can also be used to control the music playback on the smartphone and at the same time also as a remote control for the camera. As the users of the Swiss manufacturer are accustomed to, compatibility also plays an important role. The Wearable is compatible with all operating systems from Android through iOS to Windows Phone.

A stopwatch, sleep racking, the memory of important appointments and an alarm clock complete the range of skills of the MyKronoz Fitness Armband. Energy gives the tracker a battery with 100 mAh, which may last for up to five days at a time – then it must be back to the grid at the latest.

If you would like to adapt the new MyKronoz FitnessTracker a little more, you have several possibilities. There are various watch interfaces available for the dial, which can be set and changed via the free ZeFit app. In addition, the bracelets are also easy to exchange. The tracker simply has to be removed from the tape and inserted into another. For this, the manufacturer keeps sets with different colors and numbers that can be purchased.

Buy Apropos: The MyKronoz ZeFit 3 is available on the manufacturer’s site and other online stores now. For just under 40 euros the version without optical heart rate sensor comes to her buyer. Almost 60 euros are due with the extra pulse measurement.