Motorola Connect Coin: Small Everyday Help with GPS Appears Soon

About two years ago, Motorola launched the Keylink, a first wearable in the form of a key pendant. The technical gimmick was foreseen for those who occasionally move the smartphone or their keybund. Now there is a corresponding successor in the star holes: Motorola Connect Coin is this, fulfills the same tasks of the Keylink and has in addition still a few extras in stock. Also the design was refreshed. Instead of a triangular shape a round wearable has emerged, which appears in many different color combinations.

The Motorola Connect Coin is primarily aimed at those who tend to move a bit – the key ring, the wallet, the smartphone and everything else, which often disappears under a stack of paper or in countless other ways. In principle, this small wearable, which not only reminds of a coin because of the product description, can be applied everywhere. A small integrated GPS tracker makes it possible that the search ends as quickly as possible and successfully. For this, Motorola’s Connect Coin is connected to the smartphone via a particularly energy-saving Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Settings can be made via the Hubble app, which works with both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. There, the user also has the possibility to set up a safe zone – a safe area. This may, for example, be your own home or office. This prevents the Motorola Wearable from causing an alarm. The only requirement is that a Wi-Fi connection exists. If the user moves with the small tracker out of this, he draws attention to himself.


But that is not all that the Connect Coin has in stock. It can also be used as a remote control for the smartphone. As is also known by the vast majority of smartwatches and fitness trackers, the camera and the music playback can be controlled at the touch of a button. An SOS alert button completes the functionality of this wearable. It is intended for situations in which the user considers himself in a dangerous situation. If he clicks on this button, previously saved contacts from friends and acquaintances receive a message with the current location. A small button cell battery supplies the small device with energy and should last for a year until it has to be replaced by a new one.

Motorola Connected Coin Wearable will soon appear in the Asian market. But everyone else does not have to do without this small smart everyday helper. Even before the Christmas business, it will be available world-wide and thus also here.