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Morocco As a Destination Country


In Morocco, you can experience the magic of a thousand and one nights in the lively bazaars, deserts, seashores and mountains. The historic cities and narrow alleys of mystical Morocco lead the tourist deep into the enchantments of oriental culture.

In addition to the magical atmosphere, Morocco offers experiences on the beach, in the sea, in the mountains and in the desert. It is also suitable as a travel destination for mountaineers, water athletes or cultural city travelers.

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Mountains and desert

According to countryaah, Morocco is located in western North Africa, next to Algeria, above Western Sahara. The country’s coastline stretches from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. The southernmost corners of the country bypass the Spanish Canary Islands.

Much of Morocco is covered in mountains or desert, so the country allows for favorable conditions for safaris and hikes. The Atlantic coast, on the other hand, is well-known among surfers, and Agadir and Essaouira, for example, are internationally renowned surf towns.

The country is known for its skillful crafts, fabrics and spices. The most popular resorts are Casablanca, Marrakech and Agadir. Tangier and the capital Rabat are also worth a visit.

The Bahia Palace in Marrakech is built in stunning detail. Beautiful mosaics, carvings and bright colors belong to the style of Moroccan palaces.

You can travel to Morocco all year round

You can travel to Morocco all year round, as the Mediterranean climate varies between 10 and 40 degrees. Due to the mountains, desert and ocean, Morocco has very different weather depending on where it goes.

The country thrives in its greenest spring, when the lush nature of the country blossoms after a mild and humid winter. Southern Morocco in particular shines with its greenery in the spring, and there is also mild tourist weather in the south in the autumn. For example, the weather in Agadir is fairly even all year round, with temperatures climbing another 20 degrees in winter and the meter showing over 25 degrees at best in summer.

In inland Marrakech, the heat variation is greater, and in summer the temperatures can rise briskly above 30 degrees. At night, and especially in winter, the temperature drops.


On the back of a camel, on a mountainside or on the sea

Morocco’s many activities include water sports, hiking, downhill skiing and camel safaris. Popular surfing and beach resorts include Agadir, Essaouira and Taghazout.

The mountains of Morocco offer the best hiking trails, as the Atlas Mountains, which cross the country, for example, are well suited for hiking. You can go skiing in the mountains in winter, as the peaks of the mountains are covered with snow.

You can also take part in a day-to-two-week camel safari in Sahara, Morocco, Zagora and Merzouga.

For shopping at the bazaar

Shopping and a culture of bargaining are an integral part of a trip to Morocco. Most Moroccan cities have the Medina, the old town with bazaars for gifts. Different squares or souks are also good places to shop.

Good gifts from Morocco include spices, decorative items such as lanterns, carpets and mint tea.

To cleanse your teeth

Moroccans are tough and the bathers enjoy traditional spas, which are called hammam. In the hot rooms, tourists are also beaten with a hood and a bucket of water and the places are soap cleaned, massages are also available at an additional cost.

You must prepare for the spa trip with your own towel, toe sandals and seat pad. Washing your teeth at its best can be an extremely cleansing and relaxing experience.

Muslim culture with a French touch

Short for MO by abbreviationfinder, Morocco is a socially stable country and safe for foreign visitors.

The majority of Moroccans are Muslims, but attitudes towards religion are liberal in the country. The tourist has little need to pay close attention to the dress. Issues related to religion, politics and the status of Western Sahara are sensitive issues in Morocco, and the status of women differs from that of Finns. According to the Foreign Ministry’s recommendation, women should avoid moving alone in the evenings and in remote places.

There are no actual dress codes, but Morocco is a more restrained country than Finland. In larger cities, however, the atmosphere is relatively liberal. Same-sex and extramarital relationships are crimes. Foreigners are rarely affected by laws, but it is good to remember.

Once a year, the country’s Muslims celebrate a month-long Ramadan fast, which is why some shops, restaurants and cafes are closed. In 2019, Ramadan is scheduled for May-June, and its time changes annually.

The official languages ​​of Morocco are Arabic and Berber, but Finnish tourists get along best in France. France is a historical relic from the time when Morocco was a French protectorate, and the language is used in most agencies and tourism. French is also the first foreign language for Moroccan schoolchildren, so it is often better spoken than English.

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