Monument Valley, Utah

Monument Valley, Utah

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Monument Valley (Utah, USA) – exact location, interesting places, inhabitants, routes.

A natural miracle, created by the withering Colorado winds, is located in the very heart of a huge plateau that, after millions of years, exposed the iridescent riches of sandstone in the form of remnant rocks. We are talking about the park of the Navajo tribe “Monument Valley”, which is located in the southeast of Utah, right on the border with the state of Arizona. True, in fact, officially called Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, the reserve is not a US national park, but this does not detract from its charms.

How to get there

According to act-test-centers, you can get to Monument Valley along a single highway, so it’s almost impossible to get lost. For example, the road from Flagstaff by car takes about four hours.

A bit of history

The historic owners of the valley, the Navajo Indians, have secured their property rights in a monopoly on providing excursions to the valley for a diverse range of tourists who visit the state attraction by the thousands daily. Moreover, part of the tour is visiting the settlements of the indigenous inhabitants of the valley, who live on the territory of Monument Valley permanently, without electricity and running water.

The Indians call their valley “The Place Between the Rocks”, which colorfully reflects the geographical description of the sand vase, in which huge rocky boulders and dunes are conveniently located, the height of which reaches 300 meters. Most of the cliffs were formed in the 19th century, when white people first visited the valley, instantly taking advantage of the unique landscapes for the filming of the film “Stagecoach” in 1938.

Visit center

At the entrance to the park, you can get a map with a permitted travel route for self-acquaintance.

Visitor center opening hours: 6:00-20:00 (May-September), 7:00-19:00 (March-April).

Permitted driving hours for scenic spots: 6:00-20:30 (May-September), 8:00-16:30 (October-April).

The entrance ticket costs 20 USD for adults, you can also explore the remote corners of the Valley, using the tour on horseback or jeep.

2 things to do in Monument Valley

  1. After the tour, be sure to purchase souvenirs from the local population, namely traditional Indian silver jewelry and skillfully woven rugs and blankets with ritual patterns.
  2. On the way to the Valley, taste the burgers of the so-called “Mexican McDonald’s” in Tacobella.

Attractions and Attractions in Monument Valley

The most famous sights include: “Eastern Mitten” and “Western Mitten” – two blocks with thin columns, slightly spaced from the main rock block, like thumbs on mittens; “The Mother Superior”, “Three Sisters”, “Totem Pole”, the famous arch “Ear of the Wind” and others.

In addition to viewing the picturesque cliffs of the Valley, which can be done right from the car, it is worth visiting the beautiful and absolutely symmetrical arch of the Rainbow Bridge. It is located just west of Monument Valley, at the confluence of the San Juan and the Colorado, above the drying up river Bridge Creek. The sandstone, iridescent in pink, bluish and red-brown colors, takes on amazing outlines against the background of the dazzling blue horizon of the Valley. The opening of the bizarre bridge to mass tourist visits has led to the creation of the Stone Arches National Park, three hundred kilometers north of the Rainbow Bridge, since the area, dotted with unusual rock piles and stone bridges, is conducive to this. All the poetics of the Indians splashed out in the names of the exhibits: “Dark Angel”, “Ship Pine”, “Farewell”, “Vault of Heaven”,

In addition to many westerns, this is where the famous Marlboro commercial backdrop was filmed. Needless to say, how many fathers of families captured their version of the famous advertisement?

Another amazing place is located south of Monument Valley in the Painted Desert, where the remains of a fantastic forest still excite the imagination of tourists. Knots, stumps, trunks, branches of ancient trees do not consist of wood, but of the strongest stone, the origin of which dates back to the Triassic period of the Mesozoic era. The largest of them are called: “Blue Mountain”, “Crystal Forest”, “Rainbow Forest”, “Black Forest” and “Jasper Forest”. Having admired the petrified fossil forest, the paths will inevitably lead to the amazing sanctuary of stone trunks “Agate House”, the energy of which is legendary.

There is also an interesting observation deck John Ford’s Point, where famous western films with the participation of the legendary John Wayne were filmed in stunning natural scenery.

In addition to many westerns, this is where the famous Marlboro commercial backdrop was filmed. Needless to say, how many fathers of families captured their version of the famous advertisement?

Monument Valley Park, owned by the Navajo tribe, operates on the territory of the valley. The Indians who manage the park are desperately speculating on the glory of their historical homeland: they pose on horseback, sell souvenirs and arrange interesting walks along the Valley – on horseback and in a jeep.

Monument Valley, Utah