Moment Wearables: Is the Future in Haptic Notifications?

A criticism of Smartwatches often refers to the small screens, which strongly restrict the possibilities in direct comparison with smartphones. This is where the moment wearable starts. The manufacturer Somatic Labs is of the opinion that many manufacturers here also go the wrong way: Wearables should be differentiated by haptic stimuli from the competition in the mobile segment. Accordingly, one waits at a moment on a screen. Other features such as an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a gyroscope are on board.

Instead, “moment” on the skin “draws” certain forms. The wearer must therefore concentrate on his or her feeling in order to understand the type of notification. Different vibration motors are integrated at all four corners, which should make clear what the notifications stand for. For example, carriers can assign specific vibration alarms for different contacts.


Up to 1,000 different, haptic feedbacks should be set up via a suitable app and then be used over the moment wearable. When an existing Bluetooth connection is connected to a smartphone, Moment can also support haptic feedback, such as navigation, and specify the direction. In addition, a kind of metronome function is integrated for musicians.

According to Somatic Labs, the Wearable Moment is supposed to get along with a battery charge for seven days. Charging is via microSD. There are also integrated LEDs, which however rather indicate whether the device is currently in operation or should be charged. However, the show is scheduled to start in March 2017. At the moment there is still a Crowdfunding-Kamapgne to this wearable. Within the scope of the action is moment for 129 US dollar to have. US $ 100,000 will be collected, currently 18,500 US dollars have come together. Still the swarm financing runs 29 days.