Misfit Phase: The Manufacturer’s First Smartwatch Comes Mid-November

The US company Misfit has so far been very successful in the product segment of the Fitness Wearables. So far, the manufacturer, which was founded in 2011, has six such tracker to its portfolio, which are particularly characterized by an extremely fashionable and very minimalistic design. Now the first Misfit Smartwatch is to continue the success story of the company. Already in mid-November, it shall be named phase Misfit come to market and build on the optics of the previously released products. Basically it was to be expected that Misfit would take this step. Finally, the Fossil Group, known for its Smartwatches, had taken over the young company for around 260 million US dollars last year.

However, a very stylish and very minimalist wearable has emerged, which can also be referred to as a hybrid smart watch. The misfit phase is definitely not to be seen, that it is really a smart clock, which exchanges itself with the smartphone. Two hands indicate the respective current time, and an LED light is also installed at the six. The determination of the lamp depends on the notification functions. The Misfit app has a number for a contact. If this contact then logs on to the mobile telephone – either by call or text message, the pointers position themselves at the corresponding number on the dial. The color of the LED indicator indicates whether it is a mail, an SMS or a call. The carrier of the Misfit Smartwatch is then experienced in a particularly discreet way, who wants to reach it currently. On request, a vibration alarm can also be activated.


The Misfit Smartwatch also has all the usual fitness functions in stock. It counts the steps, measures the distance traveled over the day in kilometers and, of course, also provides information about the amount of burned calories. In addition, she is able to evaluate the quality and duration of sleep. All collected data can be transmitted via Bluetooth to the smartphone and then analyzed by the Misfit app. In addition, the Misfit phase also animates Smartwatch to move when its wearer has been inactive for an extended period of time. The intelligent watch is waterproof up to 50 meters, so it can also be worn with care during swimming.

The Misfit Smartwatch can be used as a remote control in combination with the mobile phone. At the push of a button, photos can be taken with the camera or the music reproduction as well as home electronics can be controlled.

Instead of a rechargeable battery, Misfit uses a button cell and follows the current trend. The battery should be able to withstand up to half a year – depending on usage intensity. In the middle of November, the intelligent watch will appear on the manufacturer’s website in six different colors. For more individual design possibilities, the user is free to insert any 20 mm bracelet into the wearable. The price of Misfit Smartwatch is 179 euros.