Mido and Superdry Are New at Uhrzeit.Org in the Shop

We are always looking for new brands at trade fairs and conferences, keeping the shop always up-to-date, so that the offer is not boring and always up to date. The latest additions are Nido and Superdry, two exciting brands, which may not have been so much, but that will change. Here you can find some information about the brands and a small preview of the watches offered by the current collections.

Let’s start with Mido from swatch. Mido is a watch brand founded in Switzerland, which has been around for more than ninety years. It was founded in 1918 by Swiss watchmaker Georges Schaeren, then still under the name G.Schaeren & Cie. In 1940 Mido specialized in the production of waterproof watches, four years later followed the introduction of automatic watches. In 1944 Mido became famous for the production of the Multifort, which was able to combine four properties: an automatic movement, water-tight and regarded as both antimagent and shock-resistant. Until 1950, Multifort was regarded as the mainstay of the successful company history. In 1959, Mido introduced the Ocean Star to the market, which was known through the revolutionary monocoque housing. This is a so-called casing housing, by which the problem of the water density could be repaired. Even the smallest automatic watch ever made goes back to MIDO’s account and was launched in 1967, reported by CONSTRUCTMATERIALS.

The models are very timeless and classic, it is placed on a high quality workmanship and worked with leather and stainless steel alike. There is no need to look for extravagances or extravagances here, but that is not the claim of Mido. This is really about reliable and timeless watches.
The watches carry such audacious names as Baroncelli, Commander, Belluna or Multifort. It is Chronometer and automatic watches of the highest quality for ladies and gentlemen, so definitely something for higher demands.

Superdry is the next new entry in our shop and I would like to introduce this brand. Superdry is a modemarke who has made a mission to unite Japanese graphics with the American style of the sixties and seventies together with British tailoring. The result is a young, urban model, which has a high recognition value and is characterized by a great love for detail. This uniqueness makes Superdry also popular with international stars. The watches are accordingly trendy, poppy and correspond to the current Zeitgeist. They are trendy timepieces with an extravagant touch. Exceptional colors and shapes make Superdry stand out from the crowd and get a certain recognition value.