Microsoft Volume 3: Rumors about a Fitness Bracelet That Will Never Come to the Market

As is known, Microsoft has withdrawn from the market of fitness wearables. A successor to the Microsoft Volume 2 will no longer exist. Of course, the fact that the US-American electronics giant has worked on a new model, despite all this, was also an open secret. Problems with the development led to the fact that the company ultimately decided against the Microsoft Volume 3 on the market. How the tracker looks, show currently circulating pictures. There are also some functions that the device could have offered.

One can see the prototype – once the display and once the bracelet including a slightly modified closing mode. Basically, however, it seems as if Microsoft’s Band 3 had almost the same design as the first two models. What is to call at the new features but: Next Fitness Bracelet would then be suitable for activities in the water as it is waterproof. This is confirmed by a tile recognizable in the photo, which shows a swimming symbol.


This is not the only feature Microsoft had planned. The blood pressure should also measure the volume 3. A special technology, the so-called RFID, which allows identification via radio waves, would have been the third extra.

The fact is that this product will probably no longer be on the market – neither this year nor next year. After Microsoft has sold the remaining stocks of the band 2 by means of a sale, the group from Redmond will tentatively leave the market of Wearables. The support for the users of the fitness bracelets remains, on the other hand, and the health platform is still being operated.