Microsoft Smartwatch:Used to Release the Windows Clock For Summer

A Smartwatch with additional fitness and health functions from the Microsoft home is in planning. At least the group in a report by the US magazine announced this Forbes. Therefore the Microsoft Watch the Smartwatch by Samsung to resemble and Xbox one use technology of the Kinect sensor from the console.

So, Microsoft the rumored to want to use a permanently active heart rate monitor in the clock. At the presentation of the new Xbox, Microsoft had recruited yet so that the Kinect could recognize the pulse of a player’s only slight discoloration of the skin – exactly this technique should be used now also on the wrist of the wearer of the watch.

In contrast to Samsung and presumably Apple, Microsoft will support also the hardware of other manufacturers: the Smartwatch from Redmond to pass their information to mobile phones and tablets running Android or iOS operating system.

According to Forbes, the Microsoft Watch could come in the summer on the market.  (mas)