Microsoft Prepares The Launch of Your Smartwatch

The Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch are about to win a competitor of weight. The American magazine Forbes said that Microsoft intends to release in the next few weeks the smartwatch clock on your Christmas shopping. As well as the models of other brands, will monitor the user’s heart rate and integrate with different mobile devices. The competitive edge, however, will be on battery life: the appliance may spend two days of continuous use without need of charging, one more than the Galaxy Gear and Apple Watch.

According to Forbes, Microsoft would be working on your first Microsoft wearable from 2012, when planned to launch a accessory for the practice of physical activity to be integrated with the Kinect, motion reader used in Xbox console. In March this year, the company would have spent about EUR 117 million in the purchase of patents related to headphones and a device similar to a clock, both developed by Osterhout Design Group. The last action took place in may, when the team responsible for the Kinect would have begun to adapt the technology of optical engineering your device for the production of the smart clock.

The cross-over between platforms is one of the stakes of the smartwatch clock at Microsoft. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s Chief Executive, had already said that the company would bet on integration of products with all devices, including from other companies. Is the recent case of Microsoft Office for the iPad launch in March, a step ahead exclusive policy of the former leader company Executive, Steve Ballmer. The decision is also strategic: while the Apple Watch works only on devices with iOS operating system, the Microsoft Smart Watch can reach a bigger market.

About the battery life, the company hopes to meet one of the main complaints in relation to smartphones and make a difference on their competitors, benefitting from the experience in the development of software that increases the efficiency of other programs and devices. Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Executive, has already acknowledged that the Apple Watch requires a daily recharge; already the model 360 Morotola’s Bike has an average of 24-hour activity according to several users ‘ records. Wearable technologies as the Pebble and watch bracelet to heart monitoring Jawbone ever overcame the challenge of durability of battery, but none of them has a colorful screen—and there’d be the main competitive advantage of the Microsoft Smart clock.

There is still no forecast for the launch date, price and even name of the device. However, with a market that moves about from 5,700,000,000 euros in 2015, and with the imminent arrival of Christmas, consumers are expected to win another option to the list of purchases.

And how do you imagine the smartwatch from Microsoft?


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