Microsoft May Be Creating Smarwatch That Works With Ios And Android Too

It is not today that we hope that eventually Microsoft will show the world some smartwatch. Since last year we’ve heard of it, from stories that the screen would be made of aluminum until the company would already be getting the materials to produce it.

None of this has been confirmed so far, but Forbes says a source has informed them that this year Microsoft’s smartwatch will not go away, and even gave some insight into what it might have.

The main differential pointed by the matter is the amount of sensors borrowed from the Kinect on the clock, which will cause it to measure the heart rate both day and night, and not only when requested.

According to Forbes , software has been created that makes smartphone and watch sensors interact and get a more accurate reading for athletes, who remain the target audience for this type of gadget . Still, a good battery life of about two days is expected, as is Samsung’s Gear Fit.

This is just an artistic representation of Microsoft’s smartwatch. God willing, it’s not going to be anything like that.
But an interesting point of such smartwatch is its compatibility not only with Windows Phone, but also with Android and iPhone . A clever move from Microsoft, at least as far as the business side is concerned: the slice of the smartphone market that is occupied by Windows Phone is still very small and making the smartwatch compatible only with devices with this operating system might not be the best decision for profit.

The launch of such a Gear S3 may be later this year. If that happens, it would still put Microsoft among the pioneers of the industry, in time to leave its product on the shelves in the time of consolidation of this type of gadget. But as usual, the company did not say anything about the information obtained by Forbes.