Men’s Watches: How to Hit on Several Occasions?

Men’s watches, besides being instruments that mark the hours, are very powerful accessories that give an attitude and personality when composing an elegant look. Of course, amidst diverse options, there is a model for every moment. When choosing the ideal watch, along with personal taste you need to take your style into consideration. The accessory should talk accurately with the image and message you want to pass. Check below some tips to help you choose the right piece for each occasion:

Men’s Watches How to Hit on Several Occasions

For luxurious parties and formal gatherings

When combining suits, social shirts and well-fitting trousers choose models more imposing , especially with leather straps and gold or silver metal. They contribute to leave the look more formal and still confer sophistication and glamor in the ideal measure, without exaggeration. Give preference to medium or large dials, analog and roman or arabic numerals. Remember: when it comes to elegance and refinement, less is always more! To have more tips on the ideal model for this occasion click here .

Watches, industrial

Sobriety is the key word for this purpose. Choose clean , basic and stylish models. The most suitable men’s watches for this occasion are light ones, both in design and in thickness, with leather or silver bracelets (because they are more discreet) and analogue markers.

For everyday moments

A more casual look asks for men’s watches with the same characteristics: light, relaxed, relaxed and unpretentious . Here it is worth incorporating to the composition pieces with colored bracelets, square or rectangular, of leather, metal or even rubber. Avoid only very serious, heavy and fancy models. In other words, when it comes to strolling in the mall, going to the movies, the theater, having dinner at friends’ houses or going out for coffee, it’s worth a little creativity!

For night club and night out

Evening outings and ballads are two types of occasions where it is possible to wear men’s watches with boldness . They are two of the few situations in which it is worth to make use of almost all the models – saved the watches that are destined especially for the sport practice. From the most basic to the colorful, from oversized to small, with leather or metallized strap, from analog to digital, the man has the freedom to choose which translates his personality more and combines with a freer and more modern look.

For the practice of sports

The practice of exercises requires models of men’s watches that are, above all, quite comfortable and safe. The ideal is that you look for models fit for the situation, since there are several brands that are specialized in making pieces of the type. They are malleable, almost always rubber, with digital markers for easy viewing and with functions useful for sportsmen, such as mileage meter and heart rate.

Did you like the tips? Now that you know which model fits in with each style, do not you? By the way, which type of watch do you like the most? And the brand, which one is your favorite?


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