Meizu Presents Its First Fitness Tracker with the H1 Smartband

The Chinese manufacturer Meizu is similar to the people of Xiaomi known mainly through its smartphones. The company has made it equal to its competitor and has also secured a place in the Wearables market. After the first Meizu Smartwatch was introduced already in August of this year, the first fitness bracelet is now being added with the H1 Smartband.


As a suitable framework for the presentation, Meizu had set for today an event, at the same time with the M5 a smartphone was presented. The Meizu H1 Smartband is however not like the mobile phones of the brand characterized by the typically low price policy. The tracker is priced at 499 yuan, which equals nearly 70 euros. For a conventional fitness bracelet, which visually a little reminiscent of the competitors Xiaomi and its MiBand 2, can not necessarily be of a bargain.

But the H1 Smartband has got a very noble design missed. This is underlined by the high-quality carton in which the device is delivered. The data determined by the tracker can be read in real time on the 0.42 inch OLED display. A characteristic feature is the closure of the bracelet in the form of a push button. This ensures that the bracelet is really tight and does not slip. The Meizu H1 Smartband is also certified according to the IP67 standard. On the other hand, wearables will be able to tell you that no dust can get into the device and that there are also a few drops of rain or some splashing water when washing hands.

An optical heart rate monitor has been set up on the underside of the display, which now includes the majority of fitness bracelets and fitness clocks. This keeps the pulse continuously in the eye and, on the other hand, the values ​​are more accurate with regard to the measurement of calorie consumption. This is, of course, another function that the H1 Smartband can perform besides the counting of the steps and the calculation of the distance traveled over the day. This is followed by a sleep monitoring system, which analyzes the quality and duration of the night rest. Finally, the Meizu Fitness Bracelet also informs incoming messages and calls on a Bluetooth-connected smartphone.

When the Meizu H1 Smartband will appear on the market is not yet known. It is, however, to be assumed that it will happen in the coming days. Whether this new fitness tracker also finds the way to Europe and especially to Germany, is also still open. As soon as there is new information, you will find it here, of course.