Meizu H1 Smartband Will Be Released in the Next Few Days

At the end of October, the Chinese manufacturer Meizu presented his first fitness bracelet – the H1 Smartband. At that time it was still open, when the tracker should appear and whether he finds the way to Germany at all. On today’s Nikolaustag, Meizu has officially shed light on the dark and answered the previously unresolved questions.


The H1 smartband Meizu understands above all as a competing product to the also from China originated Xiaomi Mi volume 2. That favorable fitness tracker from the realm of the middle can have great success is shown by the competitor Xiaomi. The company now ranks among the top 3 manufacturers with the best selling Wearables.

The H1 Smartband resembles Miia 2 of Xiaomi in many respects. This shows that Meizu holds this strategy as promising. With a price of 31 euros, the fitness bracelet is quite a cheap product. It keeps everything ready, which can be expected from a tracker. For example, an optical heart rate sensor is on board and the Meizu H1 Smartband also counts the steps, measures the distance traveled and calculates the amount of calories consumed.

A sleep racking is not just as short as the typical notifications for incoming calls and messages on the smartphone. The contents can be read on the OLED display, which has been firmly integrated into the fitness wristband – thus it is not possible to replace the tapes. The Meizu H1 Smartband has been awarded an IP67 certification so that neither water nor dust can enter the wearable. The recharge time is indicated with seven days.

Meizu has reported that the fitness bracelet H1 is on the market in China on 8 December. There, it will cost 229 yuan, which equals about 31 euros. The tracker should be available shortly thereafter. Usually, import traders such as Gearbest offer the products from the Far East.