MainTool: the French Startup That Combines Technology and Watchmaking

You don’t like the design of the connected watch? The French startup MainTool lets you turn your favorite smartwatch with the classic bracelet watch. The company has just launched a crowdfunding on Indiegogo campaign to develop its project.

Some smartwatches have a strange look and don’t have any class of traditional watches. If you’re rather dials and needles, but you want to live in the era of the time, MainTool has thought of you. This French startup offers connected bracelets that make your smart traditional watch.

Same Appearance But More Functions

Like Apple Watches defined by Phonejust, the goal of MainTool is to market a compatible leather strap with a large number of different dials. Appointed Classic, he hides all the technology needed to connect your watch with your smartphone in its lining. Now, for a similar appearance, your watch can do tell more than just you time.

Now smart, she has some common features with those of its competitors. Your watch monitors your heart rate and your sleep. She also counts your steps made in the day and calculates the number of calories burned. With more powerful or less continuous vibrations according to the will of the user, it will alert you to the calls, messages and notifications.

Even if classification does not make telephone calls, it can nevertheless the reject. To do this, simply press a button located near the dial. Previously saved One SMS will be sent directly to the caller. This same button also lets you dial an emergency number that has been predefined in advance.

Classic features More Rare

MainTool has also relied on other features more unusual. When you get lost, the watch shows you the way. With a route configured on the Google Maps application, the device vibrates on the right side of the wrist for you to turn right. Ditto for the left. Regarding the battery, it has a battery life of 7 days and is charging by induction. Even if classic has more energy, your watch can always time, which remains even when its basic function.

The company has just launched a crowdfunding on Indiegogocampaign. She hopes to collect 50 €000 necessary for the finalization of the project. MainTool offers the first donors to buy the unit for $ 99. For the following, the price is $ 119 and the sale will be $ 149. If the campaign ends in success, deliveries are scheduled to take place in April. But beware, the company is not alone in the market. Another French start-up, CT Band, will soon offer an adaptable band to all watches. Our editorial staff has also presented its as powerful as many features.