LVL Fitness Bracelet Will Be One of the Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns

Just four weeks ago, we were able to report on the LVL Fitness Bracelet for the first time, which is the first tracker to control the water balance of its wearer at all. The BSX Athletics company, based in Austin, Texas, had presented this wearable on the crowdfunding platform kickstarter and originally wanted to collect $ 50,000 to fund the product launch in June next year. That the fitness bracelet meets the expectations would be more than understated. Rather it is hit like a bomb. On Wednesday, BSX Athletics announced that the $ 1,000,000 mark had been cracked. The LVL Fitness Armband won over 6,000 supporters.

A total of 315,000 projects have been presented so far on kickstarter. The limit of one million dollars exceeded, only 198 entrepreneurs and startups succeeded. But the LVL Fitness Bracelet is not yet finished: the tracker can still be financed for seven days.


Although CEO and founder of BSX Athletics, Dustin Freckleton, could not predict such a success, he had expected the LVL fitness bracelet to appeal to a broad mass. According to his own statements, Wassermangel is regarded as one of the biggest problems in today’s society. And the facts are right: about three-quarters of the population in the US is drinking too little.

Freckleton himself had to find out what the consequences might be: at the age of 24 he suffered a stroke as a medical student due to water deficiency. It took him three months to recover. Then he decided to devote himself to a technology that would help to solve this problem. In 2012, he founded BSX Athletics and the LVL Fitness Bracelet has now created a wearable, which is expected to be one of the most interesting and innovative new releases in the industry.

Besides the measurement of the pulse can LVL fitness bracelet as determine the water balance by light is passed under the skin. In addition, a sensor is installed in the tracker, which registers the current sweat volume and thus provides even more accurate data. In real-time the wearable can thus determine whether its wearer is also sufficiently supplied with liquid or not. The corresponding indications are displayed on his display: thus, for example, drinking at the right time encourages better sports performance or a more restful sleep. In addition, the bracelet closes due to the water budget on the mind state of its owner.

Also the usual fitness functions such as the steps counting, calorie measuring, capturing different activities and a sleep monitoring is offered by the device. It will be available in three versions and will cost around 180 euros. From June 2017 onwards the deliveries will begin with the first supporters of the kickstarter campaign. A month later it comes officially into the trade.