Link AKC: Smart Collar Will Be Able to Measure the Health of Dogs

Once again, a smart wearable for pets has appeared on the scene. The smart collar for dogs called Link of the manufacturer AKC tracks the location, the activity as well as the general well-being of the four-legged. Thus the master always has an overview of the state of his animal and can react by a walk or the visit of a veterinarian.

The collar has a GPS sensor, which can be found with the help of the appropriate homestation. In addition, a virtual fence can be created, so that the station gives notice as soon as the dog has left the property. Likewise, the link AKC collar has a lamp, which can be switched on and off by remote control during walks in the dark.


Like most other smart dog collars for dogs, the Link AKC features fitnesstracking features. For example, the collar measures the physical data of the dog, taking into account whether the animal is sufficiently spouted. In addition, the built-in thermometer constantly measures the ambient temperature and warns against too cold or hot conditions for the four-legged. Last but not least, the collar has an adventure feature. Here you can share experiences that you had with your pet, along with photos in the social media.

Unfortunately the bracelet only appears in the USA. Nothing is known about a release in Europe. In overseas, it will definitely appear on December 28th and cost $ 199.