Life Sense Buy Mambo: Fitness Bracelet with Smartwatch Features for iPhone & Android

Compatible with iPhone and Android

The life sense Mambo is a fitness bracelet, the both iPhones and Androidsmartphones is compatible. It connects via Bluetooth and can provide then various functions via the Protocol. So it can show to, for example, who just calls. So you have at a glance, whether it is worthwhile to the phone when it rings. But the actual functions lie somewhere else.

Because it’s primarily a fitness bracelet with screen. The life sense Mambo can include the last steps and determine the distance, summarize the calories and measure the pulse. Furthermore it can analyze sleep, so that you always know whether you well and long enough sleep. In addition, it is waterproof for IP56 and displays the time. This is done on the LED display. The battery should be designed for a period of 30 days before it must be recharged. Thus, the bracelet is superior to many “adult” Smartwatches.

Less than 30 euros

The life sense Mambo is currently on offer. In the our site it costs slightly less than 30 euros. It is one of the better representative, but due to its high compatibility, it is still nothing to sneeze at.