LG Suspends Your Sale Urbane Smartwatch Clock

LG reported that the second generation of the smartwatch clock, Watch your Urbane LTE 2, will have sales cancelled by presenting a “quality problem”. According to the official announcement of the American AT&T operator, the South Korean company said that the arrival of the device to the market will be delayed indefinitely.

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The company explained that the device has a hardware problem that might compromise the user experience. The Urbane 2 Watch was being marketed in the United States, however, the LG, realizing the problem, withdrew immediately the device. In addition, the company announced that it will reimburse customers who had already bought the product.

“We know you are currently reviewing our latest watch intelligent, however, at the end of the process of quality assurance for the LG Watch Urbane Second Edition LTE, our engineers have gained knowledge of a hardware error that affects the functionality in daily life of the device. After an in-depth investigation, the decision to cancel the distribution of Urbane 2 LTE Watch in relation to the origin of problem was taken, “said the LG official release through Apple watches.

The LG did not provide further details about the problem, but said that its engineers are working to solve the problem. “If the device will be available in the future, will be decided later on. For now, our top priority is to ensure that only products that reach our quality standard to become available for purchase “.