King Wear GV08: Cheap Smartwatch for All Common Smartphones

With camera and SIM slot

The King wear GV08 is a Smartwatch is equipped with a SIM slot. This means that even if the coupled Smartphone out of reach is, is not completely helpless. It works not only with Android smartphones, but also with the iPhone, what also is not the norm.

The watch comes with a 1.54-inch display with 240 × 240 pixels. A Mediatek MTK6260 processor with 533 MHz as well as 128 MB RAM and 64 MB flash memory is installed. The latter can be expanded with a Micro SD card by up to 64 GB. Instead of just triggering the smartphone camera, the Kingswear GV08 can shoot even photos with a resolution of 1.3 MP.
The smartwatch can be synchronized as usual with the smartphone and then displays e.g. Notifications about new SMS. Furthermore, she can remember the regular standing up, watch the sleep and count the steps.

Cheap – and free shipping

The King wear GV08 is currently in the our site in the offer. There, you can it to a purchase price of 35 euros. Shipping costs fall to no.