Kai says go: Smartwatch with focus on mini Scheduler

On Indiegogo makes a new campaign about talking. The project with the catchy name “Kai Says Go” could have immediately its market launch is celebrating. The Smartwatch language assistant Kai says wants to score points with a special focus on the aforementioned personal assistant. Whether it works?…

On the Crowdfounding platform, the maker of his own campaign Steve McDonald describes as follows:

Kai Says – a cloud based virtual personal assistant service for most internet devices launches the Kai Says go smartwatch and plan for innovative new features.

The clock is held to have not only a mini calendar, but also with memories, even in audio, set up weather, as well as news and press. Is the language assistant always on the wrist and on time is reminiscent of the upcoming dates. Also the navigation via Google maps should be directly possible.

Hardware technology sets the Smartwatch Kai says go, she funded it successfully on GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. Also a 2-megapixel camera is on board. The touchscreen on the front panel is rectangular and measures 1.54 great. In addition to the an access to the Google play store preinstall applications allows more extensions.

You can support the project here on Indiegogo. USD 100 000 will be used. A Smartwatch is then, is to refer to the information provided by the developers so well $230 hit. Above is a video to the Kai Says go.