Is Fitbit Seized the Smartwatch Manufacturer Pebble?

That would be quite a bang: Following current rumors, the manufacturer Fitbit, known for its Fitness Wearables, plans to take over the startup Pebble. With its first Smartwatches 2012, this had decisively driven the development of the intelligent clocks. Meanwhile, however, the company is in financial difficulties and has already released a quarter of its employees.


For Fitbit as a market leader in the wearables sector, this is an opportunity to take over Pebble at a favorable price. It is said that the two companies are already in negotiations. Fitnessticker Fitbit could be a bargain here, as Pebble has gained a lot of popularity and value.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the start-up to compete with the competition with its Smartwatches. On the one hand stands Apple and also on the market of the Android Wear products fusself with Sony, Motorola, LG and other manufacturers a great competition. However, as far as the current takeover rumors about Pebble are concerned, Fitbit is not to have any serious interest in keeping products on the market and developing them further under this label.

Instead, the company is focused on securing the competencies in the hardware sector. As a matter of fact, Fibtit is not planning to devote itself exclusively to fitness watches and fitness bracelets, but also to launch its own smart watches. An important step in this direction has been the popular brand from San Francisco already done in the middle of this year. Fitbit secured itself with Coin already another startup, which has focused on the technology for mobile payment.

With the development of the Smartwatch market, Fitbit could further expand its position as market leader for wearables in the future and continue to distribute itself from the competitors Apple and Xiaomi. There is no official confirmation of the current takeover rumors.