Iradish Y6: Cheap Smartwatch into the Design of the Apple Watch

Why reinvent the wheel twice. Whom the design of Apple Watch says to, but an Android Smartphone used, who has access to the competition from the far East. The Iradish Y6 looks like Apple confusingly similar – but a fraction and runs on Android smartphones.

Special features on board

Technically the Iradish Y6 perhaps not quite up to an Apple Watch may come close – but visually it does without any problems. But she has a few other features that do not exist in the Apple Watch in the form. Because the Iradish Y6 a selectable with a SIM card in the GSM network. It also has a camera on the wheel (0.3 MP). In addition, her memory via micro SD card can be extended.

Otherwise, the features of the Iradish Y6 read more typical for a Smartwatch: the screen has a diagonal of 1.54 inches, a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels, and a battery with a capacity of 350 mAh. The clock can sound the alarm if the coupled Android Smartphone is too far away, can’t remember the regular standing up, past steps include and monitor to sleep.

Also, pretty much all functions available, that Bluetooth so is here – for example, phone calls. Most likely the device but its design, which is to distinguish at first sight not by an Apple Watch… and his prize scores.

Smartwatch for 24 euros

Because the Iradish Y6 to have for a price of 24.02 euro. This is because first and foremost, that the smart watch is currently in on sale – but even if not, the list price is also quite athletic selected, at around 50 euro.