Insurance Gossip Pays for Carrying an Apple Watch

The US-American insurance company Aetna has announced a cooperation with Apple. More specifically, the insurance giant wants to integrate several Apple products – including the Apple Watch, the iPhone and the iPad – into several new health programs. This fall, Aetna plans to make Apple Watch more attractive to larger employers, but also to individual customers. For this, they will assume a “significant part” of the costs. Aetna employees are even more lucky: anyone who wants to participate in the new program will get the Apple Watch for free. What is the background of the action? Aetna claims to help people to live a more productive and healthier life.


Together with Apple, Aetna also plans some iOS-exclusive health initiatives. These include new health apps for the iPhone and the Apple Watch, which will enable users to better care for their own health: “Aetnas initiatives will be a powerful tool to achieve better customer satisfaction in healthcare , And we will help Aetna implement this successfully, “said Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

The health insurance companies promote the use of fitness trackers or other wearables is no longer a rarity. Also not in Germany. For example, there are certain subsidies or money bonuses for the AOK, the DKV or the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), as soon as these gadgets are regularly used. At the TK even a health dividend of 250 euros is possible. Health insurance funds can help their customers to look after their health. A classic win-win situation? Critics question the data security – also because of the e-health law adopted last year, which foresees a stronger digitalisation of the health care system.