Hublot of Big Bang Broderie: Embroidered Masterpiece

The big bang Broderie by Hublot there in three colour and material variants each in a limited edition of 200 copies. In yellow gold…

Traditional craftsmanship in contemporary design to revive, is part of the Haute Horlogerie currently extremely said. The Hublot of big bang Broderie relies on the combination of exceptional for a watch with the world famous St. Gallener embroidery. Particularly sophisticated: the embroidered ornamental motif of the clock face of big bang Broderie hides a deeper secret that is revealed only at second glance.

‘Fusion’ is the magic word of the concept, with the Swiss watchmaker Hublot subdues her sporting success model of big bang repeatedly on the new versatile and surprising variations. Hublot wants to build bridges between the past and the future, between the Swiss tradition, creativity, and technology of the 21st century. Times are extraordinary materials in surprising combinations, even ancestral and innovative techniques that meet each other. When the big bang Broderie stands the centuries-old tradition handicraft of the St. Gallen embroidery in contemporary design in the Center. There are the opulent statement luxury watches in three colour and material variants each in a limited edition of 200 copies

Hublot of Big Bang Broderie in Gold, Silver and Black

The big bang Broderie opts for housing its original circular shape with a diameter of 41 mm: either from each polished 18-karat yellow gold, the silver version in stainless steel or in the watch held in black stainless steel with black PVD. The big bang Broderie shows the characteristic bezel edges from this time black composite resin, an enclosure in the sandwich system, the company logo on the second hand, and of course the H-shaped screws on the bezel and the lugs, which diamond sparkling present themselves.

A Subtle Embroidered Dial

Each of the three variants is occupied with 198 diamonds by 1.12 carat. At the all round black watch only black diamonds are used as delicious speciality instead of otherwise white. The refined embroidered face and the bracelet also matching embroidered are the highlight of the striking design but.

St. Gallen is Bit on the Dial

The St. Gallen provides the unusual look of the dial company Bischoff. The world’s leading manufacturer of embroidery is well known with its waters and top in the fashion world of Haute Couture. Designers such as Tom Ford and Oscar de la Renta among its satisfied customers, fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, Prada and Armani. The renowned company also supplies the leading brands for Luxuslingerie. Switzerland is considered the cradle of the embroidery and the 1927-founded company Bischoff is one of the main actors of this traditional craftsmanship.

Diamonds as Digits

The elegant Bischoff embroideries have international reputation with their creative and exclusive designs. Now they are for the first time a Swiss watch. The big bang owes Broderie Bischoff an artful embroidery with black, gold or silver threads on the dial of carbon fiber, which are initially perceived as a floral ornamentation. The 11 white or black diamond 0.2 Carat, which flashed with the exception of the twelve in place of digits on this watch are a more extravagant detail of the dial.

High-tech Procedures to the Fixing

After that were supplied manufactured embroidery on delicate, thin gauze to Hublot in Nyon in St. Gallen, was it the next step in the Jura to develop the second part of the technology solution: to fix the embroidery invisible, but permanently stable on the dial. In a similar operation as in the manufacture of high-tech components from carbon fibres are at the same time permanently stable fixed the tulle embroidery and moulded carbon fibre, to strengthen its texture. A new, hitherto not seen before and unique process. Then, all components in the manufacture of Hublot in the canton of Vaud are mounted. Here she gets big bang Broderie self-winding as the inner workings of the mechanical movement HUB1110. It consists of 63 components, as well as 21 rubies and has a power reserve of 42 hours.

Delicate Scrollwork and Arabesques

The company Bischoff Museum houses the largest private collection of embroidery in Switzerland. For the big bang Broderie by Hublot the creative teams of the two companies have jointly reviewed the pattern books and then designed a motif that acts the same he time-sexy, feminine and discreet and it still a little perky frivolous comes – by revealing something without showing it ostensibly. Particularly sophisticated: the embroidered ornamental motif of the clock face of big bang Broderie hides a secret that is revealed only at second glance. Initially, you see only ornamental vine, winding up on the bezel. The bracelet with his also artfully embroidered arabesques of silver or golden thread consists of black rubber or shows black embroidery on a black ribbon made of pure silk.

Hidden Secret of the Hublot of Big Bang Broderie

You have to look very closely to discover the hidden on the dial, only very vague and hint with discreet charm of skull and crossbones motif. The delicate row of teeth on the paragraph 6 gives the first clue. What looks like two stylised flowers, can be for suggesting ‘The eye Star’. A skull as memento mori is no longer only in Alexander McQueen’s fashion scene or John Galliano for Maison Martin Margiela salongfähig; Skulls are now fashionable almost everywhere imaginable.Embroidered on a clock, the cautionary reminder of mortality still ensnared in a surprising way. A skull and crossbones on the dial indicates a touch of rebellious wit. Same old fashioned because hand-worked. On the contrary. Hublot dares what his modern big bang Broderie. The clock rocks.