Huawei Talk Band B1:Huawei’s First Smartwatch

The Chinese company Huawei has unveiled the first own Smartwatch at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next to new smartphones and tablets. The talk band B1 features of both gadgets should unite as a hybrid between the fitness band and the Smartwatch.

Talk band B1 as a cross between a Smartwatch and fitness band

First, the curved OLED of the wearables in the eye which has a diagonal of 1.6 inches stands out of course. The heart of the strap is a clip, which can also be removed and acts such as a headset. Connects the talk band B1 through Bluetooth or NFC with the Smartphone. 90 mAh comprehensive battery should be charged in two hours and six days power offer, which represents a high goal. The talk band B1 combines the features of a fitness tape. It has sensors to the step count, sleep monitoring, distance measurement and indicates calorie consumption. Visually the gadget is good, only the thickness of about 1.5 centimeters seems somewhat clunky compared to other products.

Huawei talk band B1:price & release

The talk band B1 to 2014 come to Europe in the second quarter, according to Huawei’s will be available for around 100 euros.  (ps)