Huawei, LG and Motorola Forego New Smartwatches for the Time Being

Apple has just introduced its Apple Watch Series 2 last week. As an alternative, now the Samsung Gear S3 is present, which is equipped with Tizen and but over the bezel a great operation promises. But inevitably you ask yourself: Quo vadis Android Wear? Because new Smartwatches with the operating system of Google, which brings in Version 2.0 many new features, are currently largely shining through absence. This has obviously its reasons: Both Huawei and LG and Motorola have confirmed that they plan for the near future no new smartwatches.


LG had in the first year of 2015 a new Smartwatch with Android Wear, the LG Watch Urbane 2, published. Huawei and Motorola, on the other hand, have been completely inactive this year for new generations – and they will continue to do so. The three manufacturers do not mention specific causes. However, it is obvious that the previous smartwatches of the three companies have not sold satisfactorily.

LG had even admitted in the past that one must first find in the Smartwatch market, which is really important to the customers. A spokesman for Motorola, on the other hand, explained that many, potential smartwatch buyers want their own wireless connections for smartwatches. In order to involve those, however, one has to deal with many design compromises. Huawei seems to think the same. It is said that the Chinese manufacturer is waiting for the components such as the SoC to shrink and use less electricity due to higher production processes. Only then could one ensure longer battery times and would think about a successor of Huawei Watch.

The reluctance of the big players could also be a chance for smaller offerers. It is certainly not the last word spoken when it comes to the market for smartwatches with Android Wear.