HTC One Watch: Speculation about Features and Release Date

Admittedly, the new smartwatches of other well-known manufacturers and there is a greater hype, as is the case with the first intelligent clock promised by the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. While the Wearables like the Apple Watch Series 2, the Samsung Gear S3 and the ASUS ZenWatch 3 were piling up rumors already months before the actual presentation date, the HTC Smartwatch had little to date. This may also be due to the fact that the Asian electronics manufacturer does not give the wearable area the decisive attention, as other companies do. In addition, a release date for the device has already been moved several times. However, now some details are leaked to the HTC One Smartwatch.

The key reason why HTC has postponed the presentation of its Smartwatch several times is to be less of technical difficulties, but rather to the design. First rumors were already loud in 2014, that the Taiwaners at an intelligent clock file. Then there were speculations on several release dates last year, which were not confirmed – and also for 2016 was and is still partially expected with a performance.


In any case, HTC has set itself the goal of designing the Smartwatch in such a way that it is as unique as possible, thereby distinguishing itself visually from the competition in the ever-growing market. Although little concrete is known, it should still be expected with a round display, which dissolves with 360 x 360 pixels. Furthermore, there is the presumption that premium bracelets are offered from leather or stainless steel. This gives the user individual design possibilities, whereby the exchange should be easy and should also be third-party bracelets fit into the HTC One Smartwatch. There could be three colors of the watch: aquamarine, black and anthracite.

HTC also wants to provide a special position with regard to the functions. In addition to the tasks of a Smartwatch, such as information on calls and messages, music control or reminders of important appointments, the Wearable should be dedicated primarily to sports functions. With the HTC Healthbox, which was launched this spring in cooperation with the sports article manufacturer Under Armor, the manufacturer already knows in this area. But what does it mean for the fitness functions of the HTC One Smartwatch? In addition to a step and calorie counter, distance and acceleration measurement as well as sleep tracking, a heart rate sensor as well as a built-in GPS module would be the logical consequence. Of course, a special coaching or something similar could also be expected by the clock, but there is currently no reliable information.

Apart from the sporty features of the HTC One Smartwatch, the watch could also stand out in a different way from the crowd. A front camera to shoot self-esteem or to skype would be an example. Likewise, the Taiwanese would also provide a 3G capability of the Wearables for attention. Being able to use mobile internet on the wrist would make it much more independent of the smartphone – exactly this desire is voiced by Smartwatch users.

Which in turn is very likely: Android Wear is the intended operating system of the HTC One Smartwatch. The popular smartphones of the manufacturer also run with Android and if really worked on a proprietary software, as with Samsung’s Tizen, this involves a great effort in terms of development and costs.

Speaking of costs: The price of the HTC One Smartwatch is speculated that there are several variants where the most favorable starts at 250 US dollars. That is just over 220 euros. A slightly better equipped or noble design could cost 400 US dollars and thus scarcely 360 euros.

The only remaining question is when HTC will present its Smartwatch. The fact is that the company is running out of time. While many manufacturers such as Samsung or Sony already have the third generation of their Wearables in the race, it is still at HTC. In order not to lose the connection completely, a release would be useful at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2017 at the latest. Perhaps there is also a big surprise: For the 20th September, HTC has set an event. The HTC Desire Smartphone is supposed to be presented. It can not be ruled out that then the HTC One Smartwatch is presented to the public.