How the Smartwatch Can Help Car Drivers If the doorbell rings

As well as all Smartwatches and increasingly fitness bracelets can play notifications from the phone on the wrist. Also telephony is possible. In well-trained ecosystems can help even when navigating the Smartwatch – makes you move, for example, by Apple maps through the town, the Apple Watch helps hard-working. With a vibration is announced, if you must turn.

This has not only practical benefits, but also legal at the wheel. The road traffic Act prohibits the driver of a motor vehicle with the engine running to touch his cell phone – no matter for what purpose? It is equally forbidden to look to make a call, as also to a new song or on the map. Look at the clock, however, you must. Nevertheless be said that safety should always proceed, the street view is always more important than any notifications.

Car features of the Smartwatch

However, a LED smart watch is useful not only when a notification or a call arrives, says watchtutorials. Most can affect the playback of music. Just who is using his Smartphone as a music source, can make use of it. This is the full-blown Smartwatches also without distraction, because they can manage as well as all its features by voice control. Enough with the Apple Watch to say: “Hey Siri, the next song”.

The car must also allows

This does not necessarily requires a motor vehicle that has been equipped with Android car or Apple CarPlay. It is sufficient if the music somehow it comes on the radio. This can be via Bluetooth. Who is driving an older model, can bring to the music on the speakers with a cassette adapter via the Jack output of the Smartphone. If you are looking for a new radio, will find in this regard among other things. On the YouTube infochannel, there are also many useful information about car repairs.