Google Plans Two New Instruments: the Flagship Gadgets Be?

Google wants to get himself into the Smartwatch business. According to rumors the group is working on two Smartwatches that should run with Android wear 2.0.

Rumors According to Google wants two new Smartwatches bring on the market. So far there’s only one person to buy a variety of Android-Smartwatches in the Google store, this can be arranged but from manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. So far, there is not an explicit nexus Smartwatch.

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When will the nexus Smartwatches?

As Google unveils its new operating system for Smartwatches, 2.0, Android wear in autumn 2016, new Smartwatch models on the market will be. This would be an opportune time for Google to market its own nexus watches.

The two models of Google

According to first rumors Google brings a larger model, which bears the code name Angelfish, as well as a smaller Smartwatch named swordfish. The Angelfish Smartwatch should have a diameter 43.5 mm and three buttons for the operation. Also the clock should both support LTE as well as GPS and have a heart rate monitor on board.

The second model will be slightly smaller. The swordfish is to have 42 mm in diameter and slightly thinner than the big brother. Even with the features, Google should save and abstain from LTE as well as heart rate monitor. Operation is possible via a button on the right side.

Smartwatches in the test

CHIP tests regularly updated Smartwatches and evaluated them in the categories of equipment, operation and battery. In our current leaderboard for 16 top models in the overview. Currently, 1st place goes to the Samsung gear S2 classic. The Smartwatch convinced in the test Thanks to the great Verarbreitung and snappier performance. Currently, the clock will cost well 330 euro.