Gear Live and G Watch:Surprise in the Interior

A look in Samsung’s new Smartwatch gear live and the LG G watch shows the battery with two clocks can be easily replaced. A damaged display, however, can hardly been replaced without breaking the glass. So probably means a display defect: total damage. The crafting experts at iFixit found that out as they the two Watches took apart.

The General judgment of iFixit is were positive. So, about the bracelet on both can be easily removed and thus replace. The housing can also be easily opened, with which they share the battery that can easily take out and replace. Thereby, handymen in the Samsung gear live surprisingly found a WiFi antenna in the case – although the clock according to the specification supports no WiFi.

Handymen exercise only at the display. This is both stuck firmly in the housing and could probably cannot be removed, without breaking the glass. Since this repair if at all only with high (cost) cost would be possible, the reparability of the Samsung clock with 8 out of 10 possible points evaluated iFixit. The LG G watch received even 9 out of 10 possible points, because the small mainboard remove something easier.  (cm)