Garmin Will Be Racing for the Forerunner 35 and Fenix Chronos at the IFA

Garmin, the manufacturer from the Swiss town of Schaffhausen, is presenting two new fitness wearables at the IFA with the Forerunner 35 and the fenix Chronos. While the Forerunner 35 is a cheap entry-level Smartwatch, which is intended primarily for runners, the second model comes as a multi-sports watch with GPS in luxurious garb. Both Wearables were able to scrutinize our editors on the spot.


The Garmin Forerunner 35 has been imagined as a basic model of a smartwatch for runners. An optical pulse meter is one of the main features of this fitness watch. In addition, it provides data in terms of speed, the distance traveled, and the pace value. The latter is to be understood in the running sport, in which time a certain distance is covered. Likewise, the Garmin Forerunner 35 convinces with a GPS module. If this function is used, the battery charging capacity of the device is sufficient for up to 13 hours. Without active GPS, the Fitness Wearable can last up to nine days.

Of course, the Forerunner 35 also displays notifications from the smartphone and can even display the messages of many apps completely. All this can be controlled via the Garmin Connect app, where the collected fitness and body data are also stored.

Certainly the Garmin Forerunner 35 with a price of 199.99 euro is not to be described as particularly favorable, however, the beginner models of the Swiss manufacturer usually bribe with a high quality. In addition, there is currently no more affordable GPS-Smartwatch with an optical pulse meter for runners on the market. While the case of the Smartwatch is black in every version, the bracelet can be chosen from black, blue, green and white. The Garmin Forerunner 35 is already available for this 199.99 Euro from this month.

The second new model from the manufacturer, our editors were the Garmin fenix Chronos inspect it. This is the same as the Fenix ​​3. This means that the GPS Multisport Clock can score with an optical heart rate monitor and also has GLONASS satellite reception. There is also an altimeter, a compass and a barometer. Waterproof is also the device.

Speaking of a multi-sport watch, this Garmin Fitness Wearable supports a wide range of disciplines ranging from skiing to golfing, running and mountain biking. All data, which the GPS clock determines, are displayed on the transreflektiv display and are easy to read with every sun exposure. In addition, the Garmin fenix Chronos also supports smart notifications and thus informs you about calls and notifications that are received on the paired smartphone. There are also calendar features that allow the user to remember important appointments.

The main difference between the Garmin fenix Chronos and the Fenix ​​3 is that the currently presented model is offered a luxury case, which makes the watch look like a smart watch. In addition, this impression is reinforced by the three different bracelets: There are two versions made of stainless steel and one with leather strap.

An important question, which is frequently asked, is still the Akkuleistung: With permanent GPS use the Garmin fenix Chronos holds between 13 and 16 hours, which is a quite neat value. In normal mode, the GPS Multisport Clock can handle up to one week. This wearable is already in this month in the trade and will cost – depending on the model – between 999 and 1299 euros.